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Firm focus on the energy revolution

At the "Energy System for the Future - Innovative Solutions for the Energy Turnaround" theme day of the KIT Business Club, current approaches to energy research were discussed in...More


Interview: Cross-border cooperations in the trinational Upper Rhine region

What are current challenges for cross-border cooperation? What opportunities do the KTUR project partners see in increased trinational cooperation in knowledge and technology...More

TT community

Five new members in the technology transfer advisory commission of KIT

A presentation by the technology transfer advisory commission (TT commission) at KIT 2020, which was newly formed on November 4, 2020. The TT commission supports the executive...More


Innovation awards of KIT given to winners

The winners of NEULAND innovation contest 2020 of KIT received their certificates and prize money from Prof. Thomas Hirth and Dr. Jens Fahrenberg on Dec. 2, 2020.More


Aerobuster – Rendering viruses harmless in classrooms with air sterilization

Prof. Horst Hahn and an interdisciplinary research team of the KIT want to stem the spread of corona and other viral diseases with an inexpensive and versatile air sterilizer.More


Interview #3: Nominees of the NEULAND Innovation Contest

An interview with Dr. Frank Biedermann and Laura Grimm on their detection of neurotransmitters using fluorescent zeolite-based receptors. Their development has been nominated for...More


Falling Walls Breakthrough of the Year 2020: KIT reaches finals

Nominated! Five scientists and start-ups from KIT reached the finale for the innovation price „Falling Walls Breakthrough of the Year 2020“ on November 9, 2020. Meet them on our...More


Interview #2: Nominees of the NEULAND Innovation Contest

In this short interview, Dr. Nanya Li presents us with the SERPENS 3D Microwave Printing System. More


Interview: Nominees of the NEULAND Innovation Contest

An interview with Philipp Marthaler about his freely programmable Lab-on-a-Chip, STOKES2. His development has been nominated for the NEULAND Innovation Award.More


Trinational pilot project strengthens cooperation on the Upper Rhine: Digital Opening Event

Together with eleven university partners from Germany, France and Switzerland, KIT has been promoting the transfer of public research to companies on the Upper Rhine within the...More

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