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Interview: Nominees of the NEULAND Innovation Contest

An interview with Philipp Marthaler about his freely programmable Lab-on-a-Chip, STOKES2. His development has been nominated for the NEULAND Innovation Award.More


Trinational pilot project strengthens cooperation on the Upper Rhine: Digital Opening Event

Together with eleven university partners from Germany, France and Switzerland, KIT has been promoting the transfer of public research to companies on the Upper Rhine within the...More


Interview: Transfer as a decisive success factor in the crisis

KIT Vice President Professor Thomas Hirth on the importance of innovation in the crisis: How science can support the economy.More

Transfer Project

Light instead of solvent: UV hardening with LEDs

A new generation of UV lights for paint hardening in automotive repair shops has been developed in a technology transfer project with the KIT Lighting Technology Institute and...More


Technology commercialization from home office – How Corona influences technology transfer at KIT

KIT innovation managers in the interview on the work from home office and the changes in technology transfer due to the corona pandemic.More

Worth knowing

Pandemic and personal networks

Professional networks in technology transfer usually work with many events and face-to-face meetings to keep their community together and promote exchange among themselves. How...More


Informative. Compact. Digital. RESEARCH TO BUSINESS with new digital offers

After a relaunch, the KIT technology platform RESEARCH TO BUSINESS offers new digital services for technology scouts, product developers, and people interested in technology.More


NEULAND on the horizon

The jury has met: The nominees for the NEULAND Innovation Contest 2020 have been determined. Three projects each are eagerly awaiting the Ideas and Transfer Award.More

Transfer Project

Safe home storage for decentralized power supply

A KIT battery management system secures the operation of power storage units and makes renewable energy efficiently usable for personal requirements. More


NEULAND – Highlights of Innovations at KIT

Once a year the NEULAND magazine is published and presents selected innovation highlights from KIT in retrospect. The innovative power at KIT covers a wide range of technologies...More

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