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Central stock management

Further development in lean logistics based on the SmartRack intelligent shelf system.

SmartRack enables a quick response to changes in the production process.

Lean production processes are based on flexible material inventories without any long storage. To avoid storage of too much production material and long waiting times for fresh supplies, production companies apply intelligent logistics systems. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems applied by large logistics and production enterprises, however, often are too expensive and too complex for small and medium-sized enterprises. The SmartRack shelf system controls and supports production flow in an online manner and, thus, increases the flexibility of the supply chain. No high investments are required. Information on the stocks in the rack system is acquired by RFID labeling and processed in a decentralized manner. Based on the information obtained, material orders and production instructions are issued. LEDs light up at the point, where the next material is to be removed (pick by light) and where the material has to be filled up next (serve by light). The user is informed about which part is to be used next and when he took or filled up a wrong part. Position-accurate taking of the stock is based on standardized goods boxes that are equipped with RFID chips at the bottom. The rack detects the chips and can output information on the stocks in an online manner. Thus, automatic stock-taking can be accomplished. SmartRack allows for a rapid response to changes of the production process.In seasonal business in particular, position-accurate removal and refilling instructions may support unskilled workers in production and help them avoid mistakes that may result in  problems in the production process. Among the advantages of the rack system also are its small size and the possibility of flexible installation and dismantling.

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