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Checklist: Well prepared for technology transfer

It is a long way from the creation of a technical solution via its research-related realization to its implementation with an industrial partner, with some obstacles. The...More


RESEARCH TO BUSINESS live: Nanoparticles in Medicine

November 8, 2022: What opportunities do nanoparticles open up in medicine? How do they change diagnostics and therapy? Researchers from KIT, the University Medical Center...More

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Professions in technology transfer: Social Media Manager

Technology transfer needs the exchange via Web 4.0 to inform about the latest technology offers. The dissemination of technology-related content generates reach that can lead to...More


Conductive adhesives – new TT project with PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL started

A new German-French technology transfer project between KIT and PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL has started with the kick-off in July 2021. The goal of the project is to develop an...More


Professions in technology transfer: Technical editor

For the transfer of research results, it is necessary to communicate the valuable results to potential partners from industry and science. Karola Janz works as technical editor...More

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New in the team: Innovation managers even more broadly positioned

In the field of technology transfer, Birgit Schulze and Jan-Niklas Blötz strengthen the four-member team of innovation managers at KIT. We introduce the complete team to you.More


Six good reasons for research cooperation with KIT

Cooperation between industry and science are a worthwhile model for both sides. Our six reasons for cooperating with research institutions show the advantages and synergies that...More

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From bench to bedside - Interview with Prof. Dr. Véronique Orian-Rousseau

We talked to Prof. Orian-Rousseau, co-founder of the start-up amcure and professor of genetics at KIT, about her motivation to found her own company and what support she has...More

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Professions in technology transfer: Innovation Manager

Dr. Aude Pélisson-Schecker, KIT Innovation Manager, answers our questions about the job profile and tells us why she is enthusiastic about working in technology transfer.More

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Professions in technology transfer, today: Head of Innovation and Relations Management

An interview with the head of KIT's Innovation and Relations Management (IRM). Dr. Jens Fahrenberg gives deep insights into his daily work and explains what has to be considered...More

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