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Simple melt emulsification

Emulsification of solid particles without additives.

Dyes, varnishes or pharmaceutical agents are often based on dispersions containing solid particles. For the solid particles to remain finely distributed in the liquid, they have to be processed accordingly. The solid particles can be molten among others and emulsified as a melt.

This so-called melt emulsification outmatches other processes for the production of solid particles, such as fine milling or precipitation, in terms of short process times and reduced energy consumption. However, melt emulsification requires emulsifiers or protective colloid systems that have to be stable over the wide temperature range of production. These stabilization agents can only be found in a high-expenditure trial-and-error process and are a decisive cost factor in product development and production.

The new melt emulsification process developed by the Food Process Engineering Division of the Institute of Process Engineering and Life Sciences of KIT does not need any cost-intensive aids. The process works with a dispersion nozzle, in which the temperature is cooled down rapidly in order to stabilize the droplets. The basic idea is to cool down the droplets with a second mixed flow so rapidly that they immediately solidify after crushing and that stable particles form that do no longer agglomerate or stick together. The advantage of the process is the high reproducibility of solid particles with uniform properties.

The particle sizes can be varied over a wide range, with particle sizes below one micrometer being reached as well. Depending on the design of the homogenization nozzle, alternative process paths can be developed in order to reduce the process steps, generate new products, and save more energy.

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