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ISSUE 1/2020

Innovation project

Safe home storage for decentralized power supply

KIT researchers have developed a battery management system for stationary home storage systems in cooperation with RCT Power GmbH. The system ensures the operation of the power storage units and allows efficient use of renewable energy for own consumption.

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Volker Reiling, Simon Bischof and Dr. Thomas Blank from IPE have developed an efficient BMS for stationary home storage applications with lithium-ion battery cells from RCT Power as part of a technology transfer project. (Image: Amadeus Bramsiepe / KIT)


In the course of time

The constant development of man and technology is preceded by countless harbingers and impulses of change. Technology transfer at KIT is also part of this change and we strive to adapt to changing habits in the best possible way.
The newsletter RESEARCH TO BUSINESS was launched in 2003 and supplemented by an online technology exchange in 2009 to provide companies with simple access to KIT know-how and inventions – focusing on the initiation of cooperation between science and industry and the commercialization of protected research results.
In accordance with the guiding principle "Digital First", this year we are systematically converting the information offers around RESEARCH TO BUSINESS to digital media. In addition to a compact e-mail newsletter, a technology alert and an annual edition are waiting for you. Stay up-to-date with the new subscription options!

Dr.-Ing. Jens Fahrenberg
Head of Innovation and Relations Management

Current technology offers

Fouding at KIT

Mastermind of the future

HQS Quantum Simulations develops ideas to make quantum computers ready for the medical or energy research market.

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The team at HQS: Dr. Michael Marthaler, Dr. Jan Reiner, Dr. Iris Schwenk and Dr. Sebastian Zanker develop software that enables companies to simulate quantum computers and use them later. (Image: HQS Quantum Simulations)

Current issues

Innovation Campus Mobility picks up speed

In the Innovation Campus "Mobility of the Future", KIT and the University of Stuttgart will conduct research on future-oriented, sustainable mobility and production technology in cooperation.

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In the Innovation Campus "Mobility of the Future", KIT and the University of Stuttgart are working on mobility concepts for the future with bundled research competence. The Innovation Campus is expected to pave the way for modern mobility. (Image: Markus Breig / KIT)

Current issues

NEULAND – Highlights of Innovations at KIT

The NEULAND magazine 2019 has been published and shows different ways from research results to practical application.

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The 2019 highlights range thematically across soft electronics from the 3D printer to cloud research in the mobile cloud chamber PINE and augmented reality for brain surgery. (Image: lassedesignen, sdecoret / Shutterstock, bearbeitet von DER PUNKT)