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NEULAND – Highlights of Innovations at KIT

Once a year the NEULAND magazine is published and presents selected innovation highlights from KIT in retrospect. The innovative power at KIT covers a wide range of technologies...More


10 years of technology platform

The KIT online technology exchange RESEARCH TO BUSINESS celebrates its 10th anniversary. In addition to technical optimizations, interested parties can look forward to new offers...More


Pick and grip with QBIIK

QBIIK: With mobile logistics vehicles, industrial robots and tactile grippers, loads are to be moved autonomously and supplies picked up in the future.More

Transfer Project

The Cloud Makers

The mobile cloud chamber PINE enables self-sufficient, fully automatic long-term measurements of aerosols and ice particles in cloud research.More

Transfer Project

Economical lighting with mid-power LEDs

Test field in Maxdorf: With a circuit topology from KIT, LED street lights become more economical, fail-safe and durable.More


Tradition meets high-tech in 3D freeforms

New technologies for the additive production of fibre-reinforced composite materials for individual small series in lightweight construction.More


Hunting down particles

Digitizing particle flows in process engineering using numerical simulation and optimizing industrial processes.More

Transfer Project

A virtual driving instructor for megacities

Realistic driving exercises with a virtual driving trainer for driving schools in China based on an upgraded vehicle and elaborate projection technology.More

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